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Looking to stand out in the job market? Candidate Pitch helps job seekers and recruiters create powerful text-based career summaries highlighting their unique skills and experience. Our AI-driven platform makes it easy to customize your pitch to match your needs and create a strong impression on potential employers.

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How Candidate Pitch Works

Upload your resume to Candidate Pitch and let our AI-powered platform do the rest. Our tool analyzes your document to identify critical skills and experience and generates a professional summary tailored to your needs.

With customizable tone and voice options, you can easily create a pitch that matches your personality and highlights your strengths. Our job matching feature lets you modify your summary to fit specific job descriptions.

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Key Features

Create your perfect pitch in minutes.

  • AI technology to analyze your resume and generate a tailored summary.
  • Customize the tone and voice of your summary to match your personality and the job you're applying for.
  • Job matching feature allows you to modify your summary to highlight the qualifications in specific job descriptions.
  • Editing tool lets you refine and perfect your summary, with the ability to download or copy your output in a variety of formats.
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Sandra Banks is an accomplished industry analyst with extensive experience in the financial services sector. With a strong background in data analysis, market research, and industry insights, she has established herself as a respected thought leader.

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As a recruiter, you know how time-consuming it can be to review resumes manually and write candidate bios for hiring managers.

With Candidate Pitch, you can save hours of manual effort by automatically generating professional summaries highlighting a candidate's qualifications.

Our AI-powered platform analyzes resumes and creates tailored summaries that match the needs of your clients.

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